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It’s Party Time!

Mountain Valley Hoops hosts children and adult parties. Do you want to host a memorable party? I'm here to help! Whether your little one is celebrating a birthday or your best friend is getting married and you need a fresh bachelorette party idea, Jes has the answer. I offer themed hula hoop workshops as well as "DIY" events where your guests can decorate their own hoop. All of our parties include a workshop session where attendees learn basic hula hoop tricks, play games, and enjoy a hoop dance performance. There’s always a good reason to celebrate - or in this case, a great reason!
Can’t wait to see you for the festivities.

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No frills fun.

Throwing a party but don't have the time or budget to host a DIY hoop decorating party? The party workshop is a great option for events needing a little extra entertainment without the frills. During these workshops I provide hoops for your guests and teach a 45 minute or one hour workshop. If this Party workshop is for a birthday it includes a special hula hoop for the birthday participant. Party Workshops start at $150. For info on party workshops please contact Jes with the number of guests that will be attending the event.

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DIY fun for ALL!

Want to throw a party everyone will be talking about? Send your guests home with a memorable party favor and a few new tricks! At Mountain Valley Hoop design parties, each guest can decorate their very own hula hoop. Hoop decorating parties start at $175 and include the additional cost of $15 per hoop decorated. For additional info on hoop decorating parties please contact Jes.

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A day to remember.

Mountain Valley Hoops offers a selection of themed parties to fit your special occasion. Themed parties can also include a decorating workshop!

- Circus: If you're looking for a bit of whimsy, host a Circus party and hula hoop with a clown. 

- Glow: For parties that go into the evening hours, consider lighting up the night with a glow hula hoop performance.

- Princess: Did you know Princesses can hula hoop too!?

Themed parties start at $200. Have a theme in mind that's not listed here? Contact Jes and lets make it happen!

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