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My name's Miss Jes and I specialize in teaching children and adults to hula hoop. I've been spinning hoops since I discovered the art in 2007. I grew up taking dance classes and performed on the dance team during High School. After I graduated, I sought out a way to continue my favorite activity and this is when I learned about hoop dance. Since, I've performed on stage accompanying musical acts, offered classes here and abroad, made and sold hula hoops at music festivals and in local shops. For years I worked as a career nanny and incorporated hula hoops regularly into our weekly activities but I was wanting to take it further. 

Children still have that natural desire to play and adults so desperately need to be reminded. Since I feel like so many people are missing out, I've decided it's time to bring the joy of hooping to the Portland area with the Mountain Valley Hoops LLC. For the last two years, I've partnered with businesses and organizations to offer movement and hoop decorating workshops. I have also offered these services plus themed parties for private events and birthday parties around town. Contact me if you'd like to host a workshop or to find out where we will be!

There's one thing you can't be while swirling a plastic ring around your middle and that's unhappy. Hula hooping is a natural mood enhancer, brining smiles to the faces of everyone watching or attempting the whimsical act, but the benefits don't end there. Playing with a hoop is a full body workout, while improving flexibility, practicing hand-eye coordination, introducing situational awareness, learning the importance of timing, and boosting self esteem. With repetitive practice, hooping balances the left and right brain hemispheres increasing participants ability for focus while decreasing feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, and addictive tendencies. Hooping also encourages neuroplasticity through learning a new physically involved skill, enhancing participants memory abilities and increasing their capacity and confidence to learn other new skills. In our workshops, we introduce hula hooping games that help acquaint children with each other to build and strengthening a sense of community. Hoop decorating sessions and hula hooping in general inspire creativity through art and movement. With so many positive side effects, don't you wish you had a hoop within reach to start right now? 

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